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Sense of Place Links:

Extension Publications

WSU Extension Publications
University of Idaho


Pend Oreille River Water Trail
Pend Oreille River Tourism Alliance
Watershed boundaries
Surf Your Watershed
Pend Oreille River Watershed Planning
Current river elevation and flows
Well logs
Tri State Council
WRIA 62 Watershed Planning
Pend Oreille River Elevations
WA Ecology Water Resources
WA Ecology WRIA 62
Pend Oreille Water Quality Database
Surf Your Watershed
National Weather Service River Forecasts
Clark Fork Coalition

Plant ID

Rocky Mountain Nature online keys
Native conifers
Native plant lists WA
Native Plants- Idaho
Aquatic Weeds
Aquatic Plant ID
PNW Fungi online journal
USFS Celebrating Wildflowers

Plant Management

Inland NW small farms, farmers markets
Gardening in Eastern Washington
WSU Hortsense plant problem diagnosis
PNW Insect Management Handbook
PNW Plant disease handbook
WSU Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center
Field Guide to Noxious and other Selected Weeds of British Columbia
2006 PNW Weed Management Handbook
NoxiousWeed lists
Pesticide applicator license information
Weed Center


Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation
Common tree diseases of British Columbia
WSU What’s eating my forest?
University of Idaho forestry
Backyard Forest Stewardship EasternWA DNR
A Field Guide to Diseases & Insect Pests of Northern & Central Rocky Mountain Conifers
PNW Research Station publications
Rocky Mountain Research Station publications

Soils and Geology

Soil Surveys
Geological maps of Idaho
Geology of Washington
Small Farm program soil and compost info

Climate and Related Phenomena

Astronomical data (sunrise times, eclipses, etc.)
Western Regional Climate Center (historical data-frost dates, precip, etc)


Watchable Wildlife
Wildlife problems
Spokane Audubon
WSU Forestry Wildlife publications
Washington Ornithological Association
Washington Audubon
Eastern Washington wildlife
Bird Checklists

Insects and Invertebrates

Interactive map to county lists of butterflies and moths
Caterpillars of Pacific Northwest Forests and Woodlands
West Nile Virus
Garden friends and foes
PNW Insect Management Handbook
WSU Extension Pestsense
Bug Guide
WSU Insect fact sheets

Pend Oreille Trail Websites

Washington Trails Association, skiing and snowshoeing
Wheelchair accessible trails in Pend Oreille County
Pend Oreille County Birding Trail Map and Site Descriptions
ATV Trails
PO County Park trail system maps
Colville National Forest hiking, snowshoe and cross-country ski trails
Topo Explorer—topo maps, satellite images or hybrid
Pacific Northwest Trail (This 1,200 mile trail crosses the north end of Pend Oreille County)
Ice Age Floods National Geological Trail
Pend Oreille Historical Society book list, including driving tours
Selkirk Loop
Washington Water Trails Association
North Pend Oreille Scenic Byway: