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WSU/Pend Oreille Extension introduced the Sense of Place series in 1999, with a focus on place-based stewardship education. Since 2001, a partnership with the Kalispel Tribe of Indians Natural Resources Department (KNRD) has supported this newsletter and allowed us to expand class offerings through EPA funding. Further staff support comes through Renewable Resources Extension Act (RREA). Many thanks to our partners and to you, our readers, for your continued enthusiasm for "digging" into the natural history and culture of this part of the world.

Water Quality and Fisheries Database now Available

Kalispel Natural Resource Department

Kalispel Natural Resource Department has been working with a consultant to produce a web enabled database for water quality and fisheries data collected within WRIA62. The Web Database will also include information from Pend Oreille County’s shoreline permit database. Database users will be able to view data by navigating through a GIS (mapping) framework and select data by data type and location. Users will be able to choose raw data or time series graphical displays. Data will also be available for download. This web database will also be available as a repository for quality assured data collected by other monitoring groups/entities within the WRIA.

This project will also enable land managers and regulators to make informed decisions regarding the allocation of sampling resources and eliminate monitoring effort duplication by making data readily available. All data included in the database will be covered by an approved QAPP and have undergone quality assurance. This tool will enable simplistic identification of data gaps and data needs. The KNRD web enabled database will go live on June 30, 2009. If you would like to visit the web database please visit http://www.kalispeltribe.com/database/. Special thanks go to the WRIA 62 Watershed Implementation Team for funding this project!

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